Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who are we

We are young thirty-something somewhere. We live on the island for over a year and plan to live here over several years.
Today we are very impressed to meet new people.

We are a couple who live in the south of Tenerife. We are both artists, and we love to paint, write, and create.
Usually go to nudist areas where we like to sit in the sun and enjoy the sun and the beach.
Because we come from Central Europe are very happy to live in the Canary Islands. Tenerife help us create and enjoy every day of this wonderful island life.
Sometimes we meet couples who go outside, wander the mountains and go to the beach. Of course there are couples who are also interested in the swingers.
We always like to know new people, people like us free in sexuality. We speak English and German.
For a single woman who wants to come to the island on holiday we can offer accommodation during your stay. We like to paint her nude. I'll show the island to go to Mount Teide to visit areas of interest and to spend unforgettable days and nights for her.

Why I created this blog

I started this blog in hopes that those who want swingers in Tenerife, those living here in Tenerife and those traveling here on the island, a look on this page.
Swingers is not new. Some of us had sexual experiences with other partners and others are just beginning.
Usually people who participate in such activities are free men with increased sexual fantasies and seeking an exchange of partners. Perhaps it's a lifestyle, maybe it's more than just a sexual game.
We started to participate in sex play two or three years ago and we never tired of looking, to participate effectively or just go outside with partners who share like us this pleasure.
In Tenerife there is a nice club swingers club Mystique Tenerife in Las Americas and is more nudist beaches where you can sometimes interact with other swingers.
At a swingers club you can have pleasures but lacks many essential idea of getting friends with other partners, to discuss more fully, to do some activities together. That's why we try to make this blog more interesting and give as many details about swingers in Tenerife.
If you are interested to meet other people from the island or if you come on holiday here and want to have a sex party and then leave as a comment on the page. Or to be more interested people that you meet with them.
We check daily comments and hope to meet new people and compatible with us.